Roy in salad08122007Denis Feeding DucksGarden / OrchardThe LakeTemple Bar 2001
The Curious DuckTractor with GMO Free signHidden CornerPigsWhat have you found today?Where is the mudbath?
IMacCarthys hillThis is where the local crows liveTheres too many here - I need helpFather daughter weeding togetherParsleyBumping heads
Docks never seem to go awayTaking a break - Watching the sun setCourgettesBackgroundThe Basket is half fullDenis gives his back a rest
Red CabbageChasing butterfliesRoy with the TomatillosCourgettes harvestingKitty hiding in cucumbersCourgettes
Stacking produce for marketMarmande TomatoesTomatoes - RipeningPotatoesLettuce - What happened to this one?Courgettes
TomatillosWork around the Dairy is never finishedClematisWild flowersSalad leavesMoving machinery
WeldingGrandson RoyTunnelHalf BeardStone Circle 2Stone Circle
Before the trees were cut awayMacCarthy Hill before loggingCeadaoin from a distanceTunnels to housePathways across the fieldsThe garden is remodeled
Our well and circleThe old apples treesPacking and recyclingIn the tunnel harvesting leavesWould you like a taste?Boulders left to wonder
MacCarthyCordelia playing the fiddleLake pondWater flowingHandsome devilTunnel after planting
Alphine strawberryBasil in tunnelBasilBasilPlantsRoy on Kilfenora
BasilBasil up close itTrays of lettuceRoy on connemara at night